The haunted day

It was dark stormy evening. There was a pin drop silence except the barking of dogs. The valley was quite hot when the rain started with rhythmic tapping sound.

On that rainy evening I was lying in bed happily listening to the rain patter on the roof. I was all alone.

Suddenly a deep thunder sound was heard. I was panic stricken and witless. It was bone chilling for me as I saw a man with twisted feet from the window.

I started screaming and to get more worsen the light went off with a BOMB sound.

Just Infront of my bed the mirror was hanging . It had dark red blood spots. To make it hell suddenly mirror started walking towards me as fast as it could.

In a minute or two it thrashed my face . Little drops of blood started flowing on my face. I was in deep shock.

Now I could see the ghosts and witches. The hooting of owls and doleful cries of wizards, wailing started to repeat in my ears.
At that moment I could only believe my eyes and my hearing power. I was about to run away but I slipped down. I heard my mom screaming how such wounds you have got?

At that moment I opened my eyes and could see that I have fallen from my bed. There was a glass pot which was broken by my weight.

And about my wounds, it was the glass pieces that had thrashed me and entered my skin as a ghost.



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