G**a and the Death of Nihilism:

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The atheist/nihilist sitting in the comfort of his/her room blabbering about the
meaninglessness of life and the evil and suffering around the globe to negate the
existence of All Powerful, All Knowing God is faced with the serious
observations that challenge their postulations about their perceived reality. The
ground reality is far more astonishing than the nihilist’s suppositions.

A rocket launched from the vile inhuman genocidal maniacs turned thousands
of children into pieces. The rocket and the rocket launchers do not discriminate
between anyone, they kill everyone indiscriminately. They neither leave schools
nor hospitals and refugee camps. The likes of this blatant terrorism have not yet
been witnessed in this modern world.

At some point in time, Nihilism overpowers us and makes us feel hopeless due
to the situations around us. But the crisis in G**a and the monstrous role of
I*****i megalomaniacs, Nihilism has to die due to the injustice and oppression
done to countless people. If the child bombers get away with all the blood on
their hands then at the grand cosmic level of things the sufferings of G***ns
have no meaning. If the mass murderers won’t be called into account even after
their death then what bad are they doing? If J***an Pe****on can advise
Ne*****hu to unleash hell on G***ns then who will unleash hell on these
genocidal maniacs?

As G***ns endure suffering, they display unshakeable faith in God. Literally,
none among the 2 Million G***ns came up to collectively deny God on the
pretext of their sufferings. And this phenomenon is not exclusive to G**a but
occurs wherever oppression is unleashed on innocents. The willingness to hold
onto faith in God does not deter them in the face of suffering. Interestingly, it is
not enforced, unlike the plot to eradicate God during the communist era, which
didn’t last long. While there is no empirical evidence for the hereafter, similar to
the absence of nihilism and atheism, the question remains: How do we make
sense of this suffering? Is it blind faith? Is it temporary escapism? Is it the
innate disposition? Or is it the ultimate truth?



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