A Breeze of Light

Image Source: Restorations Second Stage Homes

I stand before the vast ocean

that spans decades,

Basking in the warmth of the sun,

the winds blowing through my hair

Feet slipping deep into the grainy sand

the cold water gushing towards me

it comes and goes running along the coast

I know for a fact that this will but remain a dream,

Sordid and catapulted by this ‘Dunya’,

Where can I actually find a beach that allows me to breathe?

To sip in freedom, to savor a rich plate of respect,

To be treated with kindness and not as an object,

But oh this will but remain a dream.


A dream my sisters in Islam have dreamed

A dream of having equality

To wear our hijabs with dignity and

To be kept as Allah (SWT) has decreed.


I wonder if what we follow today is our Deen,

Modified and twisted to suit our need,

The waves at the beach call on to me

To let go of my sins that cause me to bleed


The water offers itself and so does the wind

Asking us to shun our faulty kin,

To go back to him who has blessed us with everything

The one who allowed us to please him.


I gaze at the vast beach, a deep bowl of water with an end that’s loose

Praying for a day that will be free of laments

A day of victory for you and me

A gush of wind that will set us free.