Children’s from Heaven

Image Source: Alamy

See’th the smile they senth upon from ground,
When parent saw their child under rubble,
Thou, senth the curse from hell abouth,
A smile from heaven, seen from silent sound,
All mens and women who cause the trouble,
We’re losing our peace’ore and south.

Twas, merry faced laughter,
When, heaven playth with
O’thou child you’re in peace,
Worth for you noth for terror cause,
Thee’ll senth them to hell hereafter,
You’re now and always nursy
My, children you’re in fairy clause.

Granth me wisdom to me and those,
Whoth are working for hell,
Thou art is Al-Rahman,
Worth the poem that shared victims agony,
Poet prayed for those faces, bleeding nose,
Humanity is at stake and in sale,
Thou, is Perfect Al-Raheem,
Before senth to the heaven, poeth felt sorry
For the poem that wroth the truth’!


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