You came like a sudden storm,
Unable to resist or to survive.
Let’s not live a moment,
To die forever.
Check out my empty profile thoroughly.
Doesn’t it say, “I’m impossible to abide?”
Can’t stick to your ambitions,
I got to prove my own words.
Hard to change, Baby!
You didn’t become my habit yet.

Leave dear dumbo,
As You can still find a better one.
Shatter me once again,
For that makes me feel, “Alive.”
Come let me break your heart,
Before it unpuzzles my mess.
Forget those days,
As a reckless act of teens.

Rub your eyes and wake up.
Coz the nightmare ended.
If we departed,
Things will be better.
I ain’t being cocky,
I just want to trust destiny.
Wrap up the memories,
Unfold the charming aurora.



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