The hand of God

Image Source: Sportsnet
  • The story is written in the style of football commentary.
  • The land of Holy also known as Canaan, is the old name of the whole land of Palestine.
  • Ha’aretz is the old name of Israel.
  • “The hand of God” name was given to the goal made by Diego Maradona against England in the 1986 FIFA world cup.

What a moment we have today, everyone is on their feet or six feet under, holding their flags, supporting their land. There is history to be made or added to this dateless conflict between the two teams.

It has begun on the land of Holy (Canaan) and we see the line of scrimmage break. One side has started playing dirty, but no demur can be seen. The rules are being persistently flouted. The other team has no choice but to play defensive. Red cards are being raised continuously, the defence is leaving abruptly, and there is no one to fill the void as players get killed or injured. But we have to say they are going strong, not letting them score.

Well, it has been a thriller up until now in the scoreless first half. If the team keeps playing defense, the game can end in a tie, and scoring for them is as hard as standing up against oppression. It looks clear that Ha’aretz will take the land tonight unless the opposition secures a miracle. To keep going, they really need God’s hand this time.

We are inching towards the last minutes, it is do or die. Awad running with the ball, he could seemingly tie the ball to the boots and accelerate at will. Cohen has the ball now, and he kicks it. Oh, and it’s a header by Awad! And you have to say that is magnificent! Awad darting past the last line of defense, thrusts his head forward, knocking the ball past the goalie! We can say it was a little of his head and a little of “the hand of God.”. Three long whistles marks the history and the land has been taken back home tonight!



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