On the dark roads of life

On the dark roads of life,
Where no creature was ever found.
You left me all alone
without thinking if I was safe and sound.
Fear started shivering me up,
But you had already left for your town.
Was this the consequence of my endless love for you?
Or just a hurdle of life which I had to go through.
Flashback started as I closed my eyes,
Unfortunately, all your promises were just lies.
I wandered and wandered but every hope was lost,
Tears rolled down my cheeks but you didn’t knew their cost.
I sat in a corner with my face turned down,
And unexpectedly, I saw a stranger come around.
He gave his hand to make me stand
And I just looked at him without a blink,
For I was afraid of that cruel trend,
Of being left alone without saying a single thing.
But that stranger was a bit different,
He sat down beside me and asked about through what I went.
I narrated him the whole story,
He asked me not to worry.
Holding my hand, he said ‘Let’s go’,
I was not in a condition to say him no.
We walked on the empty roads with hand in hand,
Talking about the stories of fairyland.
All the way he looked at me and smiled,
Like he was a kid lover and I was a cute child.
Finally we reached a place which was dimly lit,
His face turned down and sadness was seen on it.
He asked me whether I would leave him alone,
Glaring into his eyes, I discovered tears filling them,
With my voice in a very low tone,
I replied that I could not leave a precious gem.
The happiness on his face was enticing,
And it seemed like the sun of my life was again rising.


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