They say “it’s your choice”.
So, I thought
Of choosing the little things
That matter,
And make me rejoice.
I choose the hearts
That choose humanity over casteism.
I choose the minds
That choose education over child labour .
I choose the hands
That choose flowers over guns.
I choose the lips
That choose kindness over abuses.
I choose the skin
That chooses equality over shadeism.
I choose the men
That choose to safeguard over rapes.
I choose the officials
That choose rectitude over corruption.
I choose the influencers
That choose auspices over bombing.
I choose the crowd
That chooses greetings over riots.
I choose the youth
That chooses serenes over goons.
I choose the feeders
That choose grains over bullets.
I choose the organisations
That choose knowledge over degrees.
I choose the society
That chooses discussions over debates.
I choose the government
That chooses
Employment over advertisement,
Army’s respect over wars,
Rising GDP over banning exports,
Clearing debt over clearing banks,
Saving lives over saving frauds,
And, actions over words.
So now that I’ve decided to choose,
Bring me the one without any excuse.
Oh! You’re consoling me now.
In such wily ways, people’s faith you misuse.
And I conclude that ‘DEMOCRACY’ is in a noose.


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