The night embraces

The night embraces
darkness of the world.
Hiding it, shielding it
from the sun, I heard.

As the sky gets inky,
the fiends get bold.
The world acts oblivious,
of the night, so cold.

Spectators turn blind,
or deaf, or dumb.
They are what they should not be,
unaware, remiss and numb.

Then, after a hazy sunset,
a frosty night hits.
The wind, so furious,
on one’s door sits.

It peeps through the spaces
below the windows and the doors,
rushes inside covertly,
smothering on the floors.

Eventually, being spot by one,
it turns rogue and assails him.
Now those lips utter remorse,
calling the night dingy and dim.

So, the night taught that abode
to be in others’ shoes
before the gloom approaches them
And all they get left with, are woes.


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