Windows and Walls (F15 Women’s College, AMU)

One year spent well in these windows and walls.. 

They may not be the same as time pass 

Time ruins them weathering continue 

Memories remain with me like my shadow… 

But there is a dissimilarity between memories and shadows. 

Shadow can be seen in sunshine 

memories pop up usually when your life is in darkness… 

It brings a temporary smile to your face…


There may be a lot of imperfections in this photo. Smudges on the window, a window with cracked glasses, the walls are not well painted, the flooring is not so good, chairs are worn out, but still, it is perfect for me.

All the rooms in my college are not like this. They are all well equipped with modern technology, whitewashed, and fitted with curtains, though this is my favourite because it is perfectly imperfect, not changed for the period, and has the stability and charm of its own. There are broken glasses that manage to coexist with windows, symbolising the strength that they possess and cannot be destroyed. It does not matter how many spots the window has.

However, sunlight does enter this room.There are some tales and names of our seniors written on these chairs; if these walls had been painted regularly, then how would we get to know about our ancestors (our seniors)? 

Now we know how our seniors cheat in exams by writing answers on the tables, which are still visible (they might have used strong ink). There are many quotes and shayaris also written on the table that provide us with extremely important life lessons. 

Room no. F15

Women’s College, AMU


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