Sharp the Sword

I am mortal Arcane,
evolving with my tenet
lead the way to my fate
The energy in my Thoughts
is the strongest weapon I possess,
In this never-ending metamorphosis process
Bless me with enough wisdom
and exports the feelings of boredom
the life we live will never be wholesome
living alone in an empty kingdom

One day,
we all have to drift from planet earth
the time we spent is beloved to us
Bringing the best is our work to do
The people we met are valuable too.
the emotions we share must be true.
I was just raising a cattle
no clue,
life turned out to be a battle
It’s like working on a barren farm.
It happens when you lose your charm.
Sharp your weapon to harvest the field.
Even if there is nothing to yield.
“Your sword is an extension of your body”
The revolution in you makes you sturdy



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