Palestine and You

Image Source: Zam Zam

As the world see the freedom of Palestine’s people hallucinating, same way I see your existence in my life.

My adoration for you is as same as the freedom for Palestine’s people.

Your heart is a land where I find myself in poignant and land is a heart for them where they live in poignancy

I dream of giving you a rose in front of Al Aqsa because many roses were crushed there.

They live in precarious situation but they believe in cold soothing breezes same as I believe in your eyes.

The wall of Al aqsa will always be illuminated but with hiding so many screams, as I smile not knowing will you ever illuminate my heart.

The water of rivers also sing the songs of freedom as I sing the sad song in your separation.

As The sun shines on the valley nascent them with solace, Your hair bothering your eyes nascent me of our togetherness.

Perhaps these all are unfathomable for this world.

May be my love for you is an illusion, what if my hallucination for you is wrong.

But the freedom of Palestine is not.

Probably you will never come in my life, maybe I will always be unloved.

But the love for the Al aqsa will never go vague.

The Salah prophets performed there is the evidence of inevitable freedom.

By violating the Umar (R.A)’s decision of egalitarianism they believe they won.

But the land of Palestine is unequivocally waiting for the day that is promised to them.

My 100 love for you is nothing in front of the illuminating city.


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