Pakistani judges are weathercocks

” Khabar deti hai tehreek-e-hawa tabdeel-e-mausam ki

  Khilenge aur hi gul, zamzame bulbul ke aur honge ”.

In my recent interview by the Pakistani journalist Sohrab Barkat of the media channel I said that Pakistani judges are shameless weathercocks, turning to whichever direction the political wind blows.

Earlier, following the crackdown of the Pakistan Establishment on PTI leaders, workers and supporters after the events of 9th May, most of the judges turned against former Prime Minister Imran Khan, and turned a Nelson’s eye on the fascist reign of terror unleashed by the Establishment. One judge,Humayun Dilawar ( whom I have called the modern Judge Jeffreys of ill repute ), even sentenced Imran Khan to 3 years jail by a sham verdict, and was promptly rewarded by the Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court, Aamer Farooq ( another crooked judge ) by being included ( with his family ) in a team going for a trip to England

But as I explained in my interview and in my article, the support and popularity of Imran Khan is increasing day by day in Pakistan, and opinion polls indicate it is reaching 90%.and is still rising.

Even if they are delayed, national elections will have to be held one day, and cannot be avoided permanently. In those elections the PTI will sweep the polls, and the PDM will be wiped out, as the Pakistani public regards Imran Khan to be honest, while PDM leaders are regarded a gang of thieves ( as the Panama Papers and other credible evidence prove ). PDM will in my opinion not even get 5% votes.

Realising this, the Pakistan judiciary, which I said earlier is a weathercock, is now changing its tune. This is proved by the recent decision of the Pakistan Supreme Court which rejected former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s plea against his disqualification from contesting elections or holding any office.’s%20Supreme%20in%20a%20unanimous,from%20holding%20any%20public%20office.

I am sure the higher judiciary in Pakistan will soon reverse the decision of Humayun Dilawar, and after national elections Imran Khan will again become the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

The sher of the Urdu poet Akbar Allahabadi which I have quoted in the beginning is therefore befitting and ‘mauzu’. The Pakistan judges are like bulbuls, whose zamzame ( i.e. songs ) will soon change with the ‘tabdeel-e-mausam’



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