Long Live Afghanistan! – wishes Justice Katju

Afghanistan, a country which has been through wars against the super powers, USA and USSR which invaded it, and suffered so much devastation, which is portrayed as a country ruled by feudal minded religious bigots, and which is terribly poor and backward, and without modern institutions and infrastructure, is today making waves in the cricket World Cup, 2023 presently being played in India, having defeated teams which were regarded much superior like England and Pakistan, like a David defeating a Goliath.
How does one explain this ?
It has been explained by the great Pakistani former fast bowler Shoib Akhtar, who said that Pathans are a people having ‘jazba’ ( enthusiasm ) and ‘dil-gurda’ ( heart and kidney ), who know only one thing ‘ Just do it ‘.
A nation which defeated Alexander the Great, the mighty Mughal Empire, the mighty British Empire, the mighty Soviet Union and the mighty Americans, and which turned Afghanistan into a graveyard of invaders, may be temporarily down but never out.
See their jubilation after defeating Pakistan yesterday
I have many Afghan friends, and I am celebrating their victory, like these Afghan fans cheering their team outside Chennai stadium
I am hoping Afghanistan wins the World Cup, 2023. As I said in an earlier article, I am always with the underdog
Today, Afghanistan is still having many troubles. But I am confident Afghans will rise up and come out of them, and fulfil the vision of their great King Amanullah to transform their country into a modern, highly prosperous one, with their people enjoying a high standard of living and leading decent lives


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