Happy birthday Captain

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Aaane waali naslein tumse rashk karengi hum aasron

Jab woh jaanengi tumne Imran ko dekha hai

Today, 5th October is the 71st birthday of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, who lies incarcerated in a tiny, dingy cell in Adiala jail, having been imprisoned since early August. On this occasion I wish to salute him.

I do not know Imran Khan, have never met him, am not his friend or relative, and do not belong to his caste, religion, or nationality.

I have seen him only once in 1984 when he came to my hometown Allahabad to play a benefit match, about which I wrote this article


However, I have been writing articles and posting tweets in his support since long.

Some people asked me why, since I am not connected to him in any way.

I replied that it was because he has been leading a brave fight for restoration of democracy in Pakistan against the fascism and tyranny unleashed by the Pakistan Establishment after the events of 9th May, which many people believe were stage managed. Even from inside jail he is continuing to do so.





I regard Imran Khan, as do most Pakistanis, basically an honest man, as contrasted to the leaders of the ruling PDM who are regarded as a gang of dacoits, who looted Pakistan and siphoned off huge amounts of money from the country to UK and elsewhere, where they acquired huge assets ( as the Panama Papers scandal and other credible material disclose ).





The toshakhana matter, for which Imran Khan was convicted by a corrupt judge, is trivial compared to the gargantuan loot by PDM leaders, who have amassed huge assets abroad

I support every honest man, whether Indian, Pakistani, British, American or of any country or community, and that is why I support Imran Khan.

Imran Khan is presently bravely leading the democratic forces in Pakistan against the fascism and reign of terror unleashed by the Pakistan army and police, abetted by the corrupt PDM leaders, who have arrested, tortured, ‘disappeared’ and even killed a large number of people, including leaders, workers and supporters of Imran Khan’s PTI party, mediapersons, and others, on the flimsy pretext that they were involved in the 9th May incident, or instigated/inspired it.

I support democratic forces everywhere in the world which are fighting tyranny, despotism, and fascist oppression.

No doubt Imran Khan made some mistakes in the past, but who has not ? Moreover, we have to see things as they are today. 90% Pakistanis support him ( as all opinion polls indicate ), and their number is rising. That is not because 90% Pakistanis have suddenly gone mad, but because they believe that he is honest and genuinely cares for the people’s welfare. He could have lived a comfortable life in England, but love for his country made him come back to Pakistan and enter politics. Most Pakistanis regard him as their only hope.

By locking him up in a tiny, dingy, bug infested cell with few amenities the generals who rule Pakistan thought they could break his spirit, and make him appeal for asylum abroad. Little do they know the man, who believed in fighting till the last ball in the cricket match, and led Pakistan to lifting the World Cup in 1992.

Imran Khan is now no longer a person. He has become an idea, fighting for ‘haqeeqi azadi’ for Pakistanis



I request any Pakistani who can do so to convey this message to him in jail ” Many happy returns of the day, Captain. This humble Indian salutes you from afar ”



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