The Prison I Live In

The prison I live in

Has no walls

It is not made of cements or bricks

It doesn’t have a window

But a door, yes

It does have a door/

The prison I live in

Gives no bail whatsoever

It doesn’t offer you lawyers

Or a court

Or judge

What’s worse is

My prison didn’t make me a poet//

It did let me read Faiz and Neruda

It empathized me to pain,


But most of all,


I have heard movements grew out of it

Revolutionaries were made in it

But my prison just taught me

To empathize.

I am sorry if this doesn’t rhyme

I didn’t think it would

I am sorry I didn’t use metaphors

Or similes or allegories or ironies

But trust me

This piece will grow on you

It will make you think;

my piece will glow on you

It would scream and tell you


Stand up,

While you can//

My prison roughly weighs 49 kgs

Its about 165 cms tall

We humans call it the Body

The door my prison has

Is called a Heart

People enter through it

But when they leave

I wonder why do they leave the door open//



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