Domestic Violence and Feminism

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“ A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men “ ~ Gloria Steinem.

It is never just about HER, it is equality between the SHE & HE that feminism teaches.

In the earlier days people of all the societies around the world had been submissive towards the topic of Domestic Violence unlike today’s world.

People relating domestic violence with feminism is not a bad ideology but highlighting the majority and not exactly looking up to how both Men & Women are affected by this sensitive situation should never be the point.

Domestic Violence has always been one the most underestimated issue in today’s as well as the earlier world because since forever the victims have chosen to remain silent and that is what benefits any abuser no matter how easy or hard it is.

I say “ Not only women but every victim of slightest abuse should know that love doesn’t abuse you, it shouldn’t hurt, it should never be ‘ They only hit me once every time they hit you ‘ rather it is respectful, it is kind, it is standing up for each other and more than just that.

Feminism and domestic violence are often co-related but our say on it as a new, as an emerging society should never be just about the women that are hit or abused in unimaginable ways but it should also be about the men who are abused and still decide to back off from coming out as a victim.

Feminism is not putting women above men or showing them as dominant beings rather it talks about bringing them and showing men & women as equals. It is about putting them together as one.

Domestic violence in earlier times is believed to be more severe in physical ways than the modern times but in today’s world people choose to abuse the victim not just physically but emotionally and mentally as well.

The number of people facing domestic violence in today’s modern and evolving world is 1 in every 3 women and 1 in every 4 men physically and 1 in 7 women and 1 in 25 men are injured by the abuser.

Seeing the statistics we should feel the discomfort in what our definition of “modernism “ describes and how the consensus is reflecting upon the false hope of us becoming or gaining the status of ‘ The most Civilized Society ‘.

Domestic violence is a major issue of not just the under developed or developing countries, it is also a huge topic of discussions and debates in the developed countries.

The United States of America, Iraq, Syria, Australia, India; no matter what the rank of these countries is out of the 195 countries, Domestic violence is always one of the most debated topics.

There are multiple ways for us to suggest the victims on how should they come out of the space and talk about it but we are also the major reason for them to feel uncomfortable because the people who tell them to bear and stay quite are standing among us, they hide behind us. The lives of victims are in danger even more after they come out rather than while they stay in the toxic relationships because some of us are ourselves not the protesters but the ones who push them towards going back and not moving on.

A toxic relationship is always toxic no matter how many times we decide to give the person or even the relationship a chance to evolve. The wounds that relationship causes can never be overcome because the inner child, the emotional damage it bears holds a part of us that has to stick with those moments, those years of our lives. We need to not only be the supporters of the victims rather we also need to be the listeners, we need to be the ‘Shoulder to lean on’ because nothing in this world is greater than being an emotional supporter.

People, Friends & Family can tell you what to do and what not but being there as somebody who understands and supports not just during the suffering & the process but also after it, is the greatest friend of all times, that person is the actual feminist.

Feminism doesn’t teach you tolerance, feminism does not teach you setting behind. Feminism teaches you to stand together as one. It teaches you togetherness.






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