The Golden Cart

Image Source: Interesting Literature

When moons outshine the day’s bright ray,

In her heart, the golden cart holds sway,

With treasures close, she charts her own way,

In a world so radiant, she dreams by night and day.

Amidst a field of boundless grace,

The golden cart leads to a sacred space,

Beneath starlight’s cold and tender embrace,

She gazes at the sun with hope and grace.

Her heart’s deepest yearning, the cart imparts,

She waits for heaven’s hand in matters of the heart,

With hope that pierces like Cupid’s dart,

The path to enlightenment begins within her heart.

Soft as whispers from the night’s tender face,

The cart rests now in her gentle embrace,

The sweet name echoes through the refining air,

New blooms adorn her flowing, golden hair.

She gazes at the time when shadows take flight,

A fountain of light, the summer grass gleams in the night,

Breathing dreams in solace by the pale moonlight,

Her journey ends, her heart’s delight.

In the golden cart, she finds her treasure true,

A heart fulfilled, her dreams now through,

The world aglow in a radiant hue,

The golden cart’s story, forever anew.


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