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Blaming someone else is the simplest way to avoid responsibility. This happened because of that person, That happened because of this person and so on ! Why are the human so scared of taking responsibility. Why is the statement- ‘Yes it’s my fault’, so difficult to express

Look around you, everywhere you will find people blaming each other. Sometimes we know it’s our fault but still we blame just for the sweet pleasure of satisfaction. Can’t we do anything wrong, what are we ? Truth is that we are nothing, we are just idiots who like to blame. if we get drenched by a sudden shower of rain,then we will blame God or sky, instead of blaming ourselves for not carrying an umbrella on a cloudy day. If it doesn’t rains, then we blame…. when will the rain come, The heat is killing me. If it rains, even then we blame…. and say why is it raining too much. What do we want ?, do we want clouds to have a switch which we can turn on and off at the hour of our convenience  ? If we don’t get food or tea on time without asking, we will blame others for not delivering it like we are a king or something, instead of blaming ourselves for not asking for it. Similarly, parents blame the teachers sometimes for the lack of marks their kid is getting instead of having a look at their own child first and discovering  his flaws.

Even if we are blaming to avoid responsibility, at least we should have the decency to blame someone who is alive.It’s most convenient for us, Isn’t it because a dead man will never be able to defend himself and we can say anything we want, great ! Stop dishonouring the dead like this.

Then our hypocrisy is exposed when someone blames us for something we never did and we act like The biggest injustice in the world has been done to us. Then wee will shout and do everything we can to prove that no, it was not us. The pain, Frustration and anger we feel at that time, Why can’t we feel it when others go through it ? Hypocrisy exposed once again !

Once I met a man who was kicking his cycle again and again. What happened, I asked ? He blamed The chain of his cycle because it was not functioning properly and he was in a great hurry to reach somewhere. On further interrogation, I found out that he hasn’t Greece or oiled his chain for a long while. So, who deserved to be rightfully blamed ?

Similarly, uncountable number of arguments can be given where people have unjustly blamed others to avoid responsibility or for mere satisfaction of ego. Yes this is not fair but barely anything in life is fair. However, it doesn’t means that we should never blame anyone for anything. Sometimes, it definitely is someone else’s fault and the significance of luck cannot be neglected completely. If we need a change, we should start realising our genuine mistakes and for this purpose lots of moral teaching, unbiased Thoughts And robust increase in the use of logic is needed. No wonder, ancient thinkers put so much emphasis on teaching moral values but unfortunately the quality of morality is on a landslide in the modern age.

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Saad Ahmad Khan a.k.a. Poet Saad is from Lucknow (India) and is currently doing graduation from dr. Shakuntala Mishra National Rehabilitation University, Lucknow. Saad is suffering from vision impairment and kidney disease for a long time. However, even with all the issues, he maintains a positive attitude towards life. He loves to write a lot of things which include articles, poetry, essays, quotes and novel. Along with that he likes to sing, dance, play guitar, listen to audiobooks and he's always on the lookout for new opportunities. Saad has an Instagram page called - Poet Saad @the_words_of_fire, where he shares his thoughts.


  1. I have not checked in here for some time because I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are great quality so I guess I will add you back to my everyday bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂


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