My Freedom is caged by bountless springs Freedom to fly, Freedom to breath and sings

Image Source: Momspresso

Life moves back and forth
yet noone to even ask about my worth

You bought me to curtail my emancipation
And to surface your idol rejuvenation

Life was smooth and healthy
Before you locked me in chains and make it deadly

I am a bird living in my cage
longing to come out and widen my wings

All I could do now is to sit and sing.
Freedom was now a dilapidated thought

Gazing through the bars All I saw is other birds flying freely in the air Trapped in my own fate, I could only stare

How long will this continue?
My desireness to broaden my wings is caged within you.

Days have come and gone
kids matured, plants grow
but you never come out and spoke

Do I need to live with this? away from my comfort zone?

The caged bird speaks to pen my thoughts and unite the knots.

Freedom is luxurious
Protect it
Before you live in the state of oblivion.


  1. Freedom is luxury, whenever provided with choice we tend to choose the wrong path.

    Whoever the poet is , she is capturing the attention of us which suggests she is full of emotions.


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