It was a dreary summer’s night

Image Source: Wallpaper Flare

It was a dreary summer’s night

And yet I felt the chill

As book in hand I sat, determined to finish

By force of sheer will

Sitting back, with a flute of champagne in hand

My thoughts drifted to a distant land

A land, barren of life, the darkness looming like an ever extending wall

And yet a shriek tore through the silence, perhaps an eldritch call?

And a presence felt all around me, sinister in its nature

What chased after me, thirsting for my blood, what paranormal creature?

And run I did, as the shriek tore my world at the seams

Oh, wake I must from this nightmare, for this was surely a dream!

I have been running for quite a while now, perhaps a year or four

Towards the wall of darkness, still looking for a door!

The supernatural being grows closer, its shriek still ringing through the air,

And before my inevitable death, I have decided to do what I think fair

And so I assure you, oh reader, this poem the ones who see

Will not live a luxurious life, Nay! They shall join me!

For I will bear this not alone, no sir! I refuse!

So when you join me in this eerie place, perhaps we could form a truce?

And you and I shall run together, away from inevitable demise

Bound to this sorrowful fate, tears shall forever flow from our eyes


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