A Tough Decision by Saad


I had been suffering from chronic kidney disease since the age of 8. In 2011, when I was 16, I was started on hemodialysis. Two years later, in 2013, the bigger blow came when I lost my vision during my first transplant attempt in Kolkata. After that, life became a huge challenge with two big issues at the same time. Secondly, wherever I went, the doctors hesitated a little bit to go for another transplant attempt because of the many major risk factors involved.

Dr. Narayan Prasad (currently HOD Nephro, PGI) encouraged and guided us through all these bad times.

Finally, the great doctors at SGPGI Lucknow decided to make an attempt. Unlike 2013, I was lucky this time, and the attempt succeeded thanks to God. My operating team dedicated their hearts to this procedure.

So the poem below is about this tough decision.



I sat there,

With a hopeful smile,

The toughest decision,

Would be taken in a while.


Tik-tok tik-tok,

I calmly waited,

Yes or no,

The doctors debated.


My life had been stagnant,

For about a decade,

This hour was going to decide,

Whether night continues or dawn will break.


After an endless discussion,

The decision was made,

In super competent hands,

Allah sealed my fate.


The procedure was complicated,

Stakes too high,

For hours time froze,

Then took a huge sigh.


Their rock solid confidence,

Did the trick,

impossible turned possible,

Brick by brick.


Then I went through care

I have never been,

Every micro detail,

Was 24 x 7 seen.


Doctors’ dedication from heart,

Reached mountainous height,

The SGPGI staff,

Worked together day and night.


The treatment I got,

I will never forget,

Doctors became like family,

Although we had barely ever met.


Genuine happiness was written,

On every doctors’ face,

Which blossomed even further,

As recovery quickened its pace.


I will always be thankful,

To these noble beings,

They truly taught,

What selfless care really means.


With the passage of time,

I will come out from my long fall,

One tough decision,

Has changed it all!

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Saad Ahmad
Saad Ahmad Khan a.k.a. Poet Saad is from Lucknow (India) and is currently doing graduation from dr. Shakuntala Mishra National Rehabilitation University, Lucknow. Saad is suffering from vision impairment and kidney disease for a long time. However, even with all the issues, he maintains a positive attitude towards life. He loves to write a lot of things which include articles, poetry, essays, quotes and novel. Along with that he likes to sing, dance, play guitar, listen to audiobooks and he's always on the lookout for new opportunities. Saad has an Instagram page called - Poet Saad @the_words_of_fire, where he shares his thoughts.


  1. Amazing. Beautifully written Saad. Kudos to the medical team and more power/strength to you. You are a fighter and an inspiration to people around you. Faith and resilience can move mountains. 🙂

  2. Great article! The clarity and depth of your explanation are commendable. For additional insights, visit: LEARN MORE. Looking forward to the community’s thoughts!


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