Tips To Build Emotional Resilience In Children

Image Source: Learning Litoff

As an early years educator, I strongly believe that it is vital to schedule recurring time with little ones. Spending time with family builds confidence for all of its members. Parents can teach children to build self-esteem through specific skills such as problem-solving and communication. They can also model the ability to love oneself without degrading others.

Here I’m sharing a few tips to build emotional resilience in children.

  • Spend quality time with kids. When they feel loved and supported, children develop emotional strength.
  • Acknowledge your own mistakes to teach kids that mistakes are essential for learning and growth.
  • Instead of rushing to solve problems, give kids time to work things out themselves.
  • Talk about feelings so your child learns to share their worries and fear with people they trust.
  • If your child can’t find a solution to a problem, use gentle questioning to guide them towards it.
  • I feel angry when we don’t play together at lunch time.
  • I feel sad when we are fighting.
  • When children experience failure or disappointment, it’s important to praise their effort and encourage them to try again.
  • Make sure kids are eating well and getting enough sleep and exercise.



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