Environment v/s Development

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“For us, protection of the environment is an article of faith. We have natural resources because our previous generations protected these resources, we must do the same for our future generations “.

As highlighted by our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Modi, it is the need of the hour to ask such questions and bring the debate of environment v/s development into the limelight. Is development significant or environmental? I believe most of us will agree on the point that the environment and economy are really both two sides of the same coin. If we cannot sustain the environment, we can’t also sustain ourselves.

Advocates of Development argue that development is the responsibility of the state, and it should be fulfilled at any cost
And let’s not jump to any conclusion without discussing the views of champions of the Environment, they say, that if the focus is not shifted towards the environment ,then we should get ready for the severe consequences.

Now, let’s get back to the reality! What’s the truth?
Truth is the unprecedented rate of exploitation of nature and natural resources in the wake of development!
Our modern industrial society is costing us heavily. However, now the issue is gaining potential acknowledgement, at least.
Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of United Nations remarked, “ The era of Global Warming has ended and Global Boiling has begun”.

“Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam “ theme of G-20 summit held at India in 2023 , in broader sense ,talks about interconnectedness of human, animal, plant, microorganisms and the pattern of interaction among them. It’s high time to analyze and examine the consequences which it might pose! Well, What’s the solution?
Sustainable development can be understood as one solution in this context.

What is Sustainable development?
It is defined by United Nations as, “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

To Sum up, we can derive that Equal Emphasis ,only ,on both the goals can bring change in the status quo, otherwise We are finally going to get the bill for the industrial age, If the projections are right it’s going to be a big one; the ecological collapse of the planet!


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