Postponing elections in Punjab

One reason given for postponing elections in Punjab, which had earlier been fixed for 30th April by the Election Commission of Pakistan, to 8th October, was that there is no money for holding the elections.

But the NAB chief monthly salary is Rs 1.7 million. Apart from that, he has an official residence which must be taking a huge amount to maintain, two official cars, free electricity up to 2,000 units , 600 litres of petrol per month. He will also be authorised to acquire two kanal plots in Islamabad. There is money enough for that, but not for holding elections in Pakistan.

And what about the salaries, perks and allowances to the millions of other government servants, judges, military personnel, etc ? Will that fall from the skies ? Or will the IMF pay for that ?

One is shocked to hear this excuse for not holding elections on 30th April. This is the first time in the history of democracies in the world that such a frivolous and specious excuse has been given for postponing elections. Never has such an excuse been given in USA, UK, France, India, or anywhere else for postponing elections..

And if there is no money available in April, where is the certainty it will be available in October 2023 or even in 2024 ?

The other reason given for postponing elections to October is the security situation.

But Pakistan has an army, para military forces and police. Surely they can ensure peaceful, fair and orderly elections.

Under the Pakistan Constitution, elections must be held within 90 days of dissolution of the Assembly. This provision has been brazenly flouted by the ECP since the Punjab and KP Assemblies were dissolved on 18th January

The reasons for postponing the elections are clearly spurious, sophistic and mendacious. The real reason is that the PDM and other anti-Imran Khan forces know that the PTI will sweep the polls if elections are held as per originally scheduled, and then the corrupt will be brought to book.

One can only be sorry for the people of Pakistan over whom dark clouds are hovering.

Today news has come that once again the Pakistan Supreme Court bench hearing the petition against postponement of Punjab elections has been dissolved. Is this a Court or a circus ? I think the Pakistan Supreme Court itself should be permanently dissolved.


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