Lord Krishna and the gopis

There are basically two features of a human mind, reason and emotion. This is illustrated by this story.

Udho ( Uddhav ) was a friend of Lord Krishna. Udho represents reason, while the gopis, who love Krishna, represent emotion.

When he was young and an adolescent, Lord Krishna lived in Vrindavan and used to play with the gopis ( girls ) there. Later, when he grew up, he shifted to Mathura, but the gopis still pined for him.

Udho told Lord Krishna that he should send a message to the gopis of Vrindavan that they should forget him, since now they too had grown up, and would get married and have families of their own. Their earlier relationship with Krishna was only an adolescent flirtation, but it could not continue. On hearing this, Lord Krishna smiled, but told Udho to be his messenger to the gopis.

Accordingly Udho travelled to Vrindavan and tried to persuade the gopis to forget Krishna. The gopis told Udho that he had gone mad.

In the words of the great poet Surdas, they said :

”Udho, man na bhaye das bees

Ek huto so gayo Shyam sang ”


” Udho, we dont have 10-20 hearts

We have one, and it has gone with Shyam ( Krishna ).

उधो, मन न भए दस बीस।

एक हुतो सो गयौ स्याम संग, को अवराधै ईस॥

तुम तौ सखा स्यामसुन्दर के, सकल जोग के ईस।

सूरदास, रसिकन की बतियां पुरवौ मन जगदीस॥


They then drove Udho away.

On returning to Mathura, Udho related to Lord Krishna what happened. Lord Krishna again smiled, and said he knew what would happen, but since Udho would not listen and was adamant, he let him go to Vrindavan.

This story shows that humans do not have reason alone, they have emotions too.

Now hear this beautiful song.


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