India’s Quest for a Permanent UNSC Seat

The United Nations has 193 members in its General Assembly and 15 members in its Security Council, of which 5 are permanent members with veto powers viz USA, UK, France, Russia, and China.
India has been demanding a permanent seat in the U.N. Security Council since long.
The Union Foreign Minister Jaishankar recently expressed his confdence that India will soon get a permanent seat in the Security Council, but I regret I cannot share his optimism.
We have a population of about 1400 million, while England with 62 million and France with 66 million have permanent seats. So our demand seems to be clearly justified.
 But the truth is that we will not be given a permanent seat for many many years, however much we may shout and scream about it. Why ?
Some say that it is because of China. Others attribute it to Pakistan. The truth however is something else.
 The truth is that as long as we are a poor nation we will never be given a permanent seat in the U.N. Security.
 The way of the world is that the poor are never given respect. Does anyone give respect to a beggar ? As long long as we remain poor we will not be given  proper recognition by the world community, whatever we may think of ourselves, and however much we may proclaim that we have the fastest growing economy in the world.
The truth is quite different, as explained below :
 The truth is that developed countries look down on Indians, not because the colour of our skin is black or brown, but because our country is poor. Of course the developed countries are too sophisticated, and so will not say so openly, but their conduct reveals it, and one proof is that they do not give us a permanent seat in the UN Security Council, despite some people’s claim that our leader is a ‘Vishwa guru’
 When China was a poor country, their people were called ‘yellow races ‘ by the Westerners. Today China is a highly industrialized, powerful nation, and now nobody dares to call the Chinese that.
 So if we want respect in the world community and a permanent seat in the UNSC, we have to make India a powerful, highly industrialized and highly prosperous country with its people enjoying a high standard of living. All patriotic people must think out ways and means of achieving that end.


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