Elections in India

In India the state assembly elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh and for the Municipal Council of Delhi are over, and the results are awaited. Soon thereafter preparations will begin for the state assembly elections in 2023 in Tripura ( due in March ), Karnataka ( due in May ), Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh ( due in November ), and Rajasthan ( due in December ). And of course the parliamentary elections due in 2024.

India has 28 states and 8 union territories, apart from the hundreds of local bodies like Municipal Corporations, Zila Panchayats, Block Panchayats, gram panchayats, etc for which elections are held regularly. The country is perpetually in an election mode, and the public participate in them enthusiastically.

What our simpleton people do not realise is that they are being taken for a ride. Will change in the ruling parties or their representatives make any substantial difference in their lives ? Will it reduce or eliminate poverty, hunger, unemployment, price rise, lack of proper healthcare and good education for the masses ? Not at all. It is change in the system which is required for this, but no one talks of that.

The system of parliamentary elections ( which we blindly borrowed from the British ) further entrenches casteism and communalism in India, which are the main feudal forces holding up our progress, for parliamentary elections largely run on caste and communal vote banks. And so it has to be replaced by an alternate system which unleashes our potential, and enables our country to march rapidly towards a high level of industrialisation and modernisation, which alone can give prosperity and a high standard of living to our people.

But no one talks of that, not even our so called ‘intellectuals’ and our supposedly ‘free’ media.

It is time that the patriotic thinkers in India realise this, awaken our gullible masses from their slumber, and using their creativity think out and devise such an alternative to the present system. Otherwise we will remain in the mess we are in today indefinitely




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