Deportation of Afghans

A deplorable and outrageous order was passed by the Pakistan government to Afghan refugees who have been living in Pakistan for 4 decades or more, to get out of Pakistan and go back to Afghanistan.
More than 1.7 million undocumented Afghans living in Pakistan have been told by the Pakistan authorities to leave Pakistan by November 1st, a callous, inhuman decision which the Afghanistan Govt has called unacceptable.
Most of these Afghans who came to Pakistan came as poor refugees fleeing from a war torn country, which had been invaded by the Soviet Union, and thereafter by the Americans, and occupied for decades. Against the invaders the Afghans bravely fought a guerilla war, but millions with their families had to flee to Pakistan, with only their clothes on their backs.
Many of the Afghans living in Pakistan have been living there for 40-50 years, and some of them, by hard work, built businesses and acquired property. They no doubt came without visas or other documentation, but how could poor refugees be expected to have them ? To now ask them to leave, and without their properties, is heartless and inhuman . Where will they live, and what will they do in Afghanistan ? Except for sentimental affinity, they may be having no roots there, having migrated a long time back. Many may not even have been born there.
Many Afghans living in Pakistan say Pakistan is their home, and are refusing to go to Afghanistan
Many Afghans in Pakistan have been arrested
The homes of some of them have been demolished
It is like asking Bangladeshi immigrants who came into Assam 40-50 years ago without documentation to leave Assam. Or like asking millions of Mexicans who came into USA  decades ago without documentation to leave.
People who say that those who came illegally should leave must understand that this is not a legal issue but a humanitarian one, as explained in this article
The Pakistan government says it has taken this harsh and brutal step because of the rise of terrorism in Pakistan and the economic crisis.
But where is the proof that terrorist acts in Pakistan were all done by Afghans, that all Afghans living in Pakistan are terrorists, or that the economic crisis in Pakistan is because of Afghans ? In fact almost all of them are peace loving and law abiding people. So this is only a specious, diabolical excuse, and Afghans are being made a scapegoat for all ills in Pakistan ( just as Hitler had attributed all ills in Germany to Jews) , because the Pakistan authorities have no idea how to solve the huge problems of Pakistan.
Evidently the Pakistan authorities forgot that they are dealing with a people who had defeated Alexander the Great, the Mughal Empire, the British Empire, the Soviet Empire, and the American Empire, and turned Afghanistan into a graveyard of invaders. So Afghans will not take this atrocious, fiendish, and demoniacal order of the Pakistan government lying low, and many hitherto peaceful and law abiding Afghans will now turn into guerillas.
The thick headed, harebrained, moronic Pakistani generals, who are the real rulers of Pakistan, will only understand when a lot of bodybags containing bodies of Pakistani officers and soldiers killed by Afghan guerillas start piling up, amidst howling and wailing of their relatives, as it happened to Americans in Vietnam, or the Russians in Afghanistan.


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