Burning the Quran

An Iraqi immigrant living in Sweden reportedly burnt a copy of the Quran on Wednesday, 28th June, publicly before the Central Mosque of Stockholm in Sweden.




Many Arab and other Muslim countries have condemned this incident, and protests are still going on in the Muslim world.




However, Sweden has approved Quran burning protests as part of the freedom of speech enshrined in its Constitution.



Now let me give my opinion on this issue.

The Quran is the holiest book in Islam, and I can quite understand that most Muslims feel very hurt if a copy of it is deliberately burnt publicly. I too condemn such mischievous acts.

However, the question is what should be the response of Muslims to such desecrations and insults ?

I submit that the best and most mature response would be to simply ignore them.

It must be realised that such mischievous acts are usually done deliberately by agent provocateurs hired by powerful forces to provoke religious, ethnic, or communal strife. Gullible Muslims innocently fall into their trap by being provoked, and then the matter gets further exacerbated.

In Hindi there is a proverb ‘taali do haath se bajti hai’ ( i.e. to clap needs two hands ). So if Muslims do not extend their hand, and turn a Nelson’s eye to such provocative and insulting acts, there will be no clap, and such mischievous people will be denied the publicity they seek, and on which they survive.




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