Bharat Jodo Yatra is just a hungama

Crowds are no doubt joining Rahul Gandhi on his Bharat Jodo Yatra. But that is because the Indian people are feeling oppressed at the massive and rising poverty, hunger, unemployment, price rise, lack of proper healthcare, etc in India in this ‘Achche din’ regime, and they think Rahul is a ray of hope. Like a dying man clutching at a straw, they think he will alleviate their distress.

Some so called ‘intellectuals’, who are really totally superficial, say that ‘the tide has turned’.

What they do not realise is that the solution to the people’s problems lie outside the system, whereas Rahul Gandhi is very much part of the system. He only delivers homilies on spreading love and ending hate, but he has not the foggiest idea how to solve the real people’s problems of massive poverty and unemployment, skyrocketing prices, almost total lack of proper healthcare and good education for the Indian masses, etc. Replacing Modi by Rahul will only be a change of the leader, but without any end to the people’s socio-economic distress.

It is only a mighty protracted people’s revolution led by modern minded patriotic leaders which will solve their problems, and create a political and social order in which the Indian masses get decent lives and enjoy a high standard of living.

I am reminded of this Urdu sher :


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