Ban on hijab in Karnataka schools

I met Supreme Court Justice Sudhanshu Dhulia at a lunch in India International Centre, New Delhi today
I asked him why he held as illegal the ban on hijab by the Karnataka Government in Karnataka schools ? The other judge on the bench, Justice Hemant Gupta, upheld the ban, so now in view of the split verdict, the CJI will nominate a 3 Judge bench.
Justice Dhulia said many Muslim girls are from poor families, whose parents are very conservative, and will not allow their daughters to go to school without a hijab. He was of the view that education was absolutely essential for a child, even if that was possible only by wearing a hijab.
Justice Dhulia’s reasoning has made me change my mind about hijab in schools. Earlier I was of the view that hijab should be totally banned, as it was an outdated feudal practice. But I think Justice Dhulia is right. If the choice is between going to school with a hijab, and not going to school at all, I prefer the former. Education is absolutely essential for all children, whether with hijab, or without it.


  1. Even though Hijab is an outdated feudal practice, you wish to continue; then what moral right you have to condemn the outdated feudal practice if any in Christians or Hindus?. Double standards of our judges must be condemned.


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