Your true self

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The predictability of life is never certain. There are days when things around you are fine, there are days when things around you are amazing, there are days when things around you are vulnerable, and then there are days when you have to cry yourself to sleep, and relationships play a huge part in that. The way you talk to people, the way they talk to you, the way people around you talk to each other—everything puts an impact on you and your emotional capabilities.

Relationship doesn’t mean a particular reason why we are related to somebody, relationships are actually a way to maintain our existence in this world, to mark that yes I AM ALIVE in this world. Your perception of relationships doesn’t come with you since you’ve taken the first breath rather it comes through experiences of what is happening around you, what your presence of mind is , your point of view on that comes with the relationships you have in your life, with you parents, your siblings, your extended family and your own self . The day you are born, your mind is a blank slate, and what you have inside you , who you are, and how you decide to mark your existence is a reflection of what is written on that blank slate. The changing behavior of people around, how they treat each other no matter if they are your siblings, your extended family or even your parents or even someone who is not known to you, everything has an impact on you and your future perceptions . Life has a wonderful way of showing us how we have to mold ourselves before we enter the real world and specifically I as a human being have been seeing a lot of stuff around myself, and I wonder if I will face the same world or a better world because in my 19 years of existence i have never been to any place alone, I always had one person with me who I was known to and yet I have seen multiple kinds of relationships around myself, outside my family, inside my family and everywhere else just by staying within one place and I have learnt that, doing something for someone physically and materialistically is never enough, if the relationships and people around you are not good enough for your mental being then life is no good . There is a reason India lies at some 136th or a position somewhere around this in the happiness index, and the main reason for that is everyone thinks they are providing you with the best, but the truth is if your voice, your behavior, your actions do not comfort or are not good for the people around you, then you are not good as a human being. Being emotional in the situations where you are told that you’re wrong just to manipulate other person into comforting you and telling you that you’re a nice human being is not a harmful thing for them but you.

The moment you start wondering about relationships with every human being around you is actually a sign that you suffer from traumas that you actually don’t have but just because you need a human being or you are bounded to maintain a connection with that human being, you try to be selflessly providing that particular person with what is actually not true.

The day we stop thinking that respect comes by only greeting, giving presents, and making others feel happy by saying what they want to hear and not what is true, and start treating people better by not manipulating them, by not raising our voices, by showing our presence,  giving them our time, by listening to them, and most of all by not judging them, will be the day I think many bonds, many relationships, and other stuff are going to be resolved because without relationships, life has no meaning, and without peace and goodness inside you and your words, relationships mean nothing; you mean nothing, as a human, as a man, as a woman, as a mother, as a father.


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