‘Qaatil Haseenao Ke Naam’ Drama Review

Image Source: Janbharat Times

A dark, neo-noir, slow-burning crime thriller with a band of faulty, deadly ladies!


This anthology series of six extra-ordinary segments presents stories of ordinary women who tirelessly shatter stereotypes. The femme fatales are way ahead of the blasphemy laws of Pakistan.


After the turbulent “Churails” (2020), enter a dim, gripping world of grey, alluring Haseenaye. The stories are character-driven and manage to affect the audience emotionally. The ghetto where Mai Malki (Samiya Mumtaz) lives in her spacious yet frugal manor is the reproducing ground for many tales and question marks that inch-by-inch are untangled as the show moves on.

Although, the first pair of instalments are more unrestrained and pure as stories, the following ones are a declaration from the first story, however, this is what makes the series redundantly hard and puzzling. The first is the story of Mehek (Sarvat Gilani), who realises that she has married a poet who loves her dearly, yet she is now a daily victim of domestic violence. In Mehek’s tale, unrequited love and deceit are beautifully portrayed in the silence of a deep darkness. Here I would definitely like to mention Ahsan Khan, he has played his character with great gusto. The director has paid a lot of attention to the background music. The songs have been used according to the situation, which is a beautiful thing in itself.

The second story is about Mohtarma Kanwal, a nurse. She falls in love with a gangster. Faiza Gilani has tried to play Kanwal’s character very well and with enthusiasm, and the hard work done with clarity of mind and strength of heart pays off. Kanwal’s story gives a message of depth and patriotism.

Personally, what I have liked the most about the story is the story of Zuvi (Sanam Saeed). The story of Zuvi sets an example for every woman that her life is not confined to her “dream man. Zuvi’s story is an epitome of passion, dedication, and homosexuality. Critically acclaimed, British-Indian director Meenu Gaur has tried to show the subject of homosexuality in a very sensitive way, and she has succeeded in this effort.

What can I say about Sanam Saeed? She is such a fine actress who fits perfectly into the structure of her character.

The dialogues of each story are so well-crafted that diamonds have been carved!

I am an advocate by profession, and if I do not talk about justice, then what kind of advocate am I? The story of Massey Maa (Beo Raana Zafar) is a story of justice and sacrifice. Massey Maa is an old unwell woman and a brave woman who follows the principles of her deceased husband who had been an honest justice…

Another plus point of this web series is its cinematography. It’s an amazing neo-noir feminist project, and the viewers will be deeply immersed in the suspenseful fantasy world! It is quite necessary to mention here the theme music, which was composed by Ali Sethi. The same Ali Sethi who created an outcry in the world by making songs like “Pasoori” and “Chan Kithan”

“Anarkali, agar ishq saccha ho, yaa dil lahu lahu hota hain, yaa haath (When love is true, it’s either the heart that is bloodied or hands)”. The poetic style of Mai Maalki’s (Samiya Mumtaz) is the midpoint of the series.

Samiya Mumtaz has come on screen with amazing beauty as Mai Malki.

The Sufiana style of Mai Malaki is seen spreading its colours all around like a painting of a strange kind. There is an opening scene of Mai Maalki and two of her followers who brought back memories of Macbeth. Although these women aren’t completely evil, however, they will not refrain from eliminating such men who consider women as having low status, or else they do not consider women as human beings.

My personal favourites would be the stories featuring Zuvi (Sanam Saeed) and Massey Ma (Beo Raana Zafar). The series’ major force is its superior cast of artistic ladies. While everybody portrays their parts skillfully, Sanam Saeed, Samiya Mumtaz, and Beo Raana Zafar stick out for their constrained work.

Altogether, it’s a creditable try at smashing the labels and depicting powerful characters with persuasion and vulnerability.

In conclusion, Qaatil Haseenao ke naam: Some meaty and sweet bites for weekend-binge! (P.S. Not all HASEENAs are Qaatils though!)



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