The Trojan war

Image Source: Britannica

Out of rage, Eris tossed a golden apple.
This is inscribed “for the fairest” among the goddesses.
This led to the quarrel amongs Hera, Athena and Aphrodite.
For the price of beauty was decided by the Trojan prince, the most handsome mortal man alive.
The bribery turned the contest in the favor.
Paris had chosen Venus and was offered the most beautiful bride as the honor.
Claiming “the prize” was not an easy task for Paris.
Helen was already married .
The lady was the object of desire for him.
He abducted the queen and enraged the king.
Menelaus, being furious at the prince for the act he had done.
He called on all the Greek kings to help Him punish the Trojan.
Her jilted husband convinced his brother Agamemnon “king of men”.
Most of the powerful warriors had fought in order to retrieve his mate.
They crossed the Aegean Sea to Asia Minor to lay siege to Troy.
The battle lasted for ten years and caused the kingdom to destroy.
Eventually, Hector and Achilles were dead.
Most of the Greeks had left.
The Trojan’s pulled the mysterious gift into the city.
When night fell, the horse opened up and the Troy was sacked by the group of Greek warriors led by Odysseus.

At last, Helen was reunited with her husband.

The main source for our knowledge of the Trojan war is Homer’s epic ” Iliad ” written in 750 B.C)



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