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Through Fresco, the classical antiquity figures are collected.
Material, speculative and scientific phases are resurrected.

He framed them under sky and vaulting roof.
Embodiments of the classical spirits are preserved as a proof. “Visualising of knowledge” caused heaven and earth working together.
Ideal communities of intellects from the buy legal methandienone entire classical world are gathered.

Old Plato gesturing upward, who laid the foundation of “Idealism”
Young Aristotle pointing towards the ground line, emphasized on the concept of “Realism”

On the left, cloaked in an olive mantle, is Socrates.
Captivated the whole world through his irony.

The man in pink robes is believed to be Pythagoras.
Define that the entire world could be explained with numbers.

A man holding his globe is Ptolemy.
His planetary hypothesis culminated the field of Astronomy.

Sprawled in solitude, the Cynic philosopher Diogenes, seeking the veracity from his lantern.
The leaning figure of Euclid, described the new geometrical pattern.

The painting was created to be one of 4 walls in the Stanza Della Segnutra.
Together he summed up the western tradition of learning especially the Renaissance.


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