The Burden of Existence

Image Source: Medium

He is walking back and forth

Amidst the puffs of dust rising

From the street as cars drive past

The dust clings to his faded blue vest

And the sun beats down on him,

He is choking on the heat and dust

But he can only think of the load

That he has carried with him from the village

He can only think of the son he hasn’t yet seen

Because he could not get a day off

He can only think of how he cannot

Afford the medicines for his sick mother

He can only think of how his wife must be

Managing everything all alone

With the scant money he sent back

He had dared to come to the city with hopes

But all he could do was to carry another load

The load of heavy bricks on his head

As he walked back and forth

At the construction site.


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