The Autumn Endearment

Image Source: Travel Triangle

He would save me

Every time I drown.

He would kiss me,

Every time I would cry.

Broken but always happy.

That’s who he was.

He laughed around me,

He felt happy around me.

He was shy but he never felt shy around me.

All the prettiest smiles and then there was his,

I would always, whenever, die for it.

He gave me rainbows,

He gave me rain,

He gave me a colorful sky,

He took away all my pain.

His eyes shine brighter than the rest

He would kill for me,

He would die for me,

But he would never let me shed.

The world blossoms,

The sky pours,

The winter sprinkles,

But the FALL?

The fall was all that bothered me.

It was him.

It was him……



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