Your skin is pale,


But your soul is bright


My actions may be wrong,


But my intentions always right


I don’t want you to be scared,


I want you,


that’s the only thing i cared


You are my whole world, you are my love,


I saw you everyday, but that’s not enough


Every man you’ve been with,


I immolate them with my bare hands


I thought you’d considered it,


but you didn’t understand


You never valued my emotion,


you disrespected my devotion


You thought i am a lunatic, a legal testosterone cypionate online crazy stalker


That follows you everytime and everywhere


This is the last time, i cause you pain


It hurts little bit, and all your effort goes in vain


Now, Look at you how beautiful you are


Lying on your bed, like a morning star,


You are my love, and nobody can take you from me


That’s why i had to kill you


And make you mine for all of eternity!!!


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