Ode to Vintage Bloom

Image Source: Pxfuel

As I gaze upon your captivating sight,
My spirit soars to new heights of delight.

Pale flowers bloom, their colours ignite,
A verdant green, a soothing balm in sight.

Your walls, a testament to history and might,
Whispering secrets of struggles, all day and night.

Each broom and beam, a valiant knight,
Deposing the old to bring forth the bright.

As I stand here, my heart sings with pride,
For you gleam like a diamond in the sky so wide.

Your engravings, tales of wonder and mystic guide,
Withstanding the ravages of time with grace, refined.

Oh, how I feel at home in your warm embrace,
As you harbour dreams and aspirations with grace.

Feasts and treats, a profusion of every taste,
A symphony of delight, your beauty, unchained.

So here’s to you, my enchanting and pleasing abode,
A haven of treasures, an ode to life’s beautiful code.

May you continue to inspire and uphold,
The magic and wonder, that you so exquisitely unfold.


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