Night of Remembrance

Source- Pixabay

I remember the night of laughter
I remember the endless memories we had created
I remember the shrine of sun and cresent shape of moon,
Staring it over night before the sun reaches its peak to unfold the blanket of darkness.
I remember drifting unpaved roads of my belongings that
changed it’s presence from being monotonous to a memory.
I remember age old trees, adding serenity to the paradise of nature
The remembrance which no longer provides peace
The remembrance which is now filled with terror of being
The remembrance which carries pain that every night increase.
The pain of being separated
The pain of being departed from one’s soul
The pain that last long hereafter
As a gloomy cloud which provides shed to the hidden tears of life,I accept the unfolded chapters of life that brings new lessons
every night.


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