Letter of a daughter to her father

Image Source: Freepik

The day I was born

My dad got me in his palm

And got an elation

,from dusk To dawn


The SLEEPLESS nights , my crave chants

And the warmth in his clasps

All got accustomed , as sacrosanct


It’s my time for kindergarten

He , dropping me at the gate, with his blubbering eyes

Guiding me for a happy day And his warming goodbyes


Working tirelessly, shedding his sweat and tear

Ensuring my comfort, enlightening me not to fear


When I got ill ,dad got his spine chill

To get me out of the situation

He got a heavy medicinal bill


In my highs ,he was the most gratified

While on my lows

I kept my head on his lap and got relieved

Getting my emotions flow

When the sunlight got dazzling

Dad got his shadow on me ,while getting himself blazing


““Getting married was the most difficult task

There is joining , and there is separation apart…


Time passes like a lightning flash

Seems , there are some nostalgic clash


Its my farewell time ,my feet plodding

While my mind is getting back


Embracing my dad, for the final time

Getting into tears ,from all around


The inevitable separation , flashing from his eyes

Giving his most precious diamond , slipping from his thought


We got our eyes cried out

We got our eyes cried out””…..


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