End of Democracy

Image Source: Indian Express

The world where the Sun rises on command.
Where all provocation of upliftment disband.

Nation where protest is worthless
and the protesters are countless.

Nation where likes are treated alike
& yet the leaders are keen for minorities to swipe.

It is not 1875 or 1975
It is 2023
where employment is priceless, Freedom is meaningless and journey of millions ahead that is aimless

oh wind please carry a message
To my beloved democracy
Tell her that the nation is thriving out of its root
And the privilege to be free is now substitute
because the rulers are absolute

Tell her it’s not too late
We still yearn to fly free

It ain’t easy to accept the drowning of secularism, socialism and its replacement with communalism

It is freedom that is caged and
Justice provided to innocents are outraged

It is not your nations v/s my nation
It is equality v/s inequality
Communism v/s communalism
It is a war of truth v/s lie

It is a death whose cremation is concealed
And pain that is never to be healed

Yet we desire to quench our thirst
And bird within us wished to fly free.

A dream of millions are now turned upside down
With terror and turmoil around.

Confined in the jungle of threat, corruption and propaganda
Tied in the knots of social bonds
And hopeless hopes
I cried on the execution of our prestigious democracy.

I miss the shrine of sun
The song of birds, enchanting sovereignty.
But in the middle of nowhere
Rowing the nation’s boat in materialistic circle
Wondering how to free my soul
Hoping yet to fly free.

Caged in the wrap of despotism
Surrounded by greed and rapacity
Submerge in the valley of fascism
Packed with scores of partiality.

From Socrates to Gandhi
Connotation remains the same.
But pledge to serve the nation is falsely proclaim.

In the hope of democracy to return
Thousand of saying burn

I yet yearn for my freedom
Aiming not to survive as a refugee
Hoping to fly free forever, forever and forever



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