I have a wounded heart,
And a soul which feels apart
Bruised from every corner,
Torn from every edge
Now when I walk through the woods,
Head hung down under hood
I realize and think it over again,
I recall and recap it just for the same
It’s yesterday’s mistake for which today I bleed,
It’s yesterday’s mistrust for today I recede
I had a problem and my situation grave,
I was stuck in deep and help was what I craved
But all my friends I saw as mine,
Paid no heed and left me mine
I look for hope in every lane,
But all my search is just in vain
Waiting and crying and burning in pain,
I reach in the middle of the forest lane
Memories are phantom that hunt me all day,
Loneliness is a monster that crushes me away
I cry and I tremble and I run and I fall,
But none as a person comes to me after all
Exhausted and frustrated I sit down at last,
Tears rolling down my cheeks right from my somber heart
I know I’ve learnt a lesson from my past,
This world is fickle and is never to last…



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