An Ode to the Women of Iran

Image Source: Arab News

Tin pot tyrants are talking about the women of Iran

In their eyes, women like these are embodiments of Shaitan

Their refusal to wear hijab stirs the “natural” lust of patriarchs

Their lack of “modesty” ignites societal sparks

Their uncovered hair leaves them with the rapist’s violent marks.

The only thing that is “natural” is the woman’s independent choice

The lecherous male gaze is a “moral police” suppressing female voice

It needs to be wiped off by women proud of their devilish nature,

Women who assert themselves as “immodest” creatures

Women who protest on the streets without any inhibition

Women whose bodily expressions don’t need any permission –

This age will be witness to patriarchy’s abolition.

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Yanis Iqbal
Yanis Iqbal is a class 11 student studying humanities at Sayyid Hamid Senior Secondary School (Boys), AMU, Aligarh. His theoretical pieces and articles on contemporary affairs have been published around the world, in countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Netherlands, France, Greece, Italy, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Vietnam, Tajikistan, China, Turkey and several countries of Latin America and Africa. He can be reached at


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