What should Indian Muslims do? Part-1

Image Source: DNA India

The Indian Muslims should not demand simply to have a neo-colonised piece of land within Vedic India. They should focus on establishing a laboratory where they could experiment on Islamic principles.

For doing so, they should forsake the ancient heritage of their forefathers—the Indus Valley civilization. Unlike the Egyptians, who, despite being Muslims, reach out to the world with what their ancient history, civilization and monuments have to offer. The outdated generation of the 21st century only focuses on its Muslim heritage, and that only to the extent that it fits in with their propaganda goals. For instance, the religiously tolerant Emperor Akbar or Maharaja Ranjit Singh are less acceptable than the pious Emperor Aurangzeb.

The eulogistic history of invading armies of Muslims from the north-west is more acceptable than the locals who tried to resist them. They have always relied on the outside help of a few select countries, both financial and political, to stay solvent. To exact their pound of flesh in return, these countries have always made do with their bidding, mostly at the expense of what they should be doing for the welfare of their people and their own long-term viability.

They always look for these outside sponsors when the going gets tough, and throw tantrums when they lose interest. Indian Muslims always have a attacking conundrum with  Con-Islamo nuclear assets( Fatwa’s, -Pseudo-Haramism) going to the radicals if they are not bailed out, and so forth. But now they are seeing that the juggernaut has become too big for its own sustainability, even with outside help. By not investing in the education and health of its people; not developing an entrepreneurial culture based on innovative ideas that the world would find useful; not allowing the civil society to develop by encouraging corruption and crony capitalism; allowing an unbridled growth in population with one of the highest rates of increase…

will be continued


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