The Utmost Gaiety to your way

Image Source: Discover magazine

Happiness is a very subtle yet amazing thing to talk about, but to get ourselves clear on this thought, the first thing we need to do is figure out what happiness is. Does it come as a whole or in chunks? Does it stay for long or disappear in a blink of an eye?

And a very important question to consider is: “What does it take to be happy?

To answer all these questions, we’re glad to have you here on the platform. So basically, happiness is a part of us, whereas sadness is just a part of our life. Okay, so let’s just stop being pessimistic and think about the moments that made you glad, irrespective of the fact that they stayed for a long time or just vanished in a moment.

For an infant of 5 months, her first monkey toy that beats the drum and makes her laugh is her happiness, and you cannot objectify that gladness because when in infancy everything was real and pure, like the smiles and cries.

For a toddler of 2 years, when she took her first step to walk, all her happiness reflected in her smile as she knew that if she ever became unbalanced, her mother would hold her because she is her supporter forever.

For a preschooler, her first letter of her name on the paper with her favorite first pencil was HAPPINESS—she achieved that with hard work. She put all her efforts into just writing the first letter of her name, which she did perfectly. When she tried to write that for the first time, she didn’t know that it would go worse because she was a kid who expected perfection in one go.

For a school-aaged child, the appreciation that she received from her teacher in front of the whole class when she answered correctly. She knows how much it takes for her to utter a word, but she did it bravely and nailed it with her confidence. She was hesitant from the time when everyone teased her whenever she stuttered because of her accent. Now that she has attained that level, she is happy! The real happy!

She remembered how much she cried for her first novel as an adolescent. All she said was, Mamma, it’s the fault in our stars; everyone has read that only I am the one who is left.” But she denied it every time, and now that it’s in her hands, She cannot explain the felicity in her heart as she jumped with joy.

For an adult who had given the job leave application for 10 days, and it just got approved. The ecstasy of relaxing these days, yeah! I won’t skip Netflix and Chill because that is mandatory on leave days.

Yes! Happiness only looks like this only. I know you want the moments not to disappear, but this is what life is. Ups and Downs—Joy and Sorrow

But as I have mentioned, happiness is a part of us because you are your happiness. The utter pleasure that you’ll receive when the littlest thing happens is what happiness is, and the sorrow is just a foot imprinted on sand that vanishes when the waves come over it.

Life can give you so many troubles, but what you have to do is count your joys, your pleasures, and your happiness. Because no one is going to do that for you, you have to cover this journey alone. With your choices and your perspective, I know it takes so much to get that moment of joy and a little to indulge in that numbness, but ultimately, to feel and absorb that happiness, you have to keep going on fearlessly.


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