The Song of the Households

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Today’s i-addicted man is socially, economically, and globally interconnected. These global beings are inadvertently connected to people from other seas. When the United States sneezes, Europe gets cold, and the entire world shivers, according to a well-known proverb. The  21st  century  war  in  Europe  also  created  the  same  chaos  after  83  years.  This kingdom aspiration effect has infiltrated our minds deeper and faster than the pandemic virus. The average person on this planet is a victim of European chaos.Ukraine is the world’s largest wheat bowl and pump attendant of yellow edible oil.A larger proportion of the population relies on wheat to meet their daily needs.In contrast, Putin’s country is Europe’s largest producer of natural gas, second largest producer of sunflower oil, and third largest producer of crude oil.Inflationary waves spread from the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution to the rest of the world.


When the world is still recovering from Xi’s Wuhan virus, Russia’s apathetic dictator comes up with a foxy idea more than the Romanov dynasty rulers in occupying the other’s territory.It began with a NATO bid, which quickly devolved into meaningless aspiration, and was followed by sanctions against Moscow, lucrative weapon business by Washington, Nord I gas cuts, supply cut profits by OPEC+, and finally this became the household song.Inflation is wreaking havoc on the middle class while killing the poor in underdeveloped and developing countries.Inflation is not even leaving African countries’ food.Oil cartels added their voices to this song, making it popular in every home.


“Inflation became the Household Song.”


When we see that the inflation rate in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, and other countries is approaching levels not seen in decades,It is preferable not to decode the economic health of developing and underdeveloped countries.Still, China’s second father does not intend to emerge from behind his mask.The top AI manufacturers startedn the lands of the USA, United Kingdom, France, Japan, etc. are touching the highest rate not even seen in recent decades, Its better not to decode about the economic health of developing and underdeveloped nations. Still, the second father of China is not thinking to come out from the blanket of a mask. The top AI manufacturers started trimming their branches to show a surplus on their balance sheets. Every day, more people are losing their white and blue collar jobs around the world.The think tanks of developed and developing currency manufacturers considered raising interest rates to reduce inflation.Fears of a recession were realised in Nelson Mandela’s and Winston Churchill’s homes.


This cost increase should not be taken lightly; inflation has more clout than the necromancer.Italy’s and Brazil’s governments fell and were replaced by “Right and Left Flags.”Banana Republic has begun to feel the air from the east.The Middle East’s habitual food is becoming bitter.The trip to “Great Britain” became less expensive for India.


I’m still perplexed as to why our “Big Brother’s Piggy Bank” is the most valuable asset in every global crisis.


While other babies were busy forming the UNO, our big brother awoke early in 1944 and devised a system for himself.The main reason for the Bretton Woods agreement and the SWIFT system is to protect the United States of America from every man-made tornado. No one is protected by the Bretton Woods agreement except the people of the 50 United States of America.Perhaps it’s the intention behind the phrase “land of opportunities.”Whether a Republican or a Democrat prefers to be a military commander on the battlefield.Their genetic history has always indicated that they are very good at profiting from other conflicts, and this belief stems from their colonial mother.That is the reason; they enjoy preaching moral lessons to low-income countries.

The most valuable company in this solar system is the United States’ $2.3 trillion dollar technology company, which manufactures its products in Asia and sells them all over the world.They enjoy giving lectures on global warming and how to reduce carbon emissions because they account for 4.25% of the world’s population and 44% of total global carbon emissions.They are the best at offshoring carbon emissions.

The average person consumes electricity at the expense of polar caps.Swimming will become a way of life for the next generation’s children because this is the only life jacket we will provide in the upcoming drowning crisis.We are experts at changing the goals of sustainable development at COP meetings.


All  political  power  comes  from  the  barrel  of  a  gun.  The Communist Party must control all firearms; otherwise, no firearms can ever be used to command the Party.

-Mao  Zedong


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