Mind and It’s Reprogramming

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Let us discuss how to reprogram our minds in this blog.

According to the psychoanalytic school of psychology, whose founder is Sigmund Freud, humans have three levels of consciousness and three levels of personality.

Personality levels

1. Id: which includes all sexual and aggressive thoughts.

2. Super-Ego: Our internal goodness

3. Ego: What we do in various situations in the middle of being only good or bad.

Levels of consciousness

1—conscious mind—only 5 to 10 percent of our mind

2—Subconscious mind—10 to 20 percent of our mind

3—Unconscious mind—60 to 70 percent of our mind

We act in accordance with our subconscious and unconscious minds, over which we have no direct control.although we can train them to behave in a particular way.

Let me tell you about the power of our unconscious mind. Dr. Joe Dispenza was a physician who was researching the unconscious mind’s power before his accident. He was a cyclist. He fell off his bike while cycling once, and his spinal cord was severely fractured.

A surgeon suggested surgery, but instead of having surgery, he decided to repair his spinal cord all by himself. We know that if any part of the spinal cord is damaged, it is nearly impossible to reverse it to its previous position, even after surgery. But in just 5 to 6 months, he not only repaired his spinal cord but also started walking after 11 to 12 months without surgery. This is the power of our unconscious mind, but he repaired his spinal cord only with his mind.

The body repairs it all by itself. No medicine can heal our wounds; our bodies must do so on their own.Medicine just gives that particular enzyme in extra quantity to boost the healing process.

Bodybuilders can understand this very easily. When they go to the gym and tear their muscles to grow them, the body repairs all the muscles by itself. If they give extra protein (in any form) to their body, their muscles recover faster.

How did Dr. Joe Dispenza heal his back? He revealed all the information about it, which you can read on the internet. Here, I am disclosing it roughly.

He said that after the accident, he was lying all day on his chest on his bed, and there was unbearable pain in his back. Then he started to apply his own research about the unconscious mind to his body. He gave a perfect structure of the spinal cord to his mind and replaced the structure with his own back in mind. Then he started to think that he is a mason and is repairing his back like a mason puts bricks in a wall. In the beginning, he said, it is difficult to imagine the whole process; it takes more than 3 hours to fully concentrate. Sometimes he becomes frustrated and depressed. But he never gave up, and after one month, concentration time started decreasing. After some months of hard work, his back pain decreased, and after 5 to 6 months, he was able to stand on his feet.

You can also see the power of our minds in the movie Lucy (2014). Though it is fiction, it is based on research hypotheses about the mind’s abilities.

Important scenes

  • At 10 percent of her brain usage, she recalls even the food and oxygen she gets from her mother in her womb. (33:45)
  • At 30 percent, she can control her respiratory system, blood pressure, and pain. (33:45)
  • At 50 percent, she can control her cells’ connections, form, deform, and change their size and shape. (01:08:12)
  • She also says that our cells talk to each other and form organs like the skin, lungs, heart, and kidneys. Their talking style defines which form they take. Like an atom’s vibration and density, these determine the form and weight of a thing. The more solid the product (Iron), the denser the atom.At 50 percent, she can control her cells and change their formation.

Do you know? All the information from our birth until now has been stored in our brain, although we cannot recall it. It means that on September 12, 2012, whatever you did was saved in your mind, just like if you took a pen from one table and placed it on another table.We have different types of memory, including motor learning memory, in which all our walking, running, and movement of fingers and hands are saved. Language Memory: All data related to language, dialect, the sound of letters, the sound of particular words, etc.


How can we reprogram our minds?

According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, filling the mind with positivity and gratitude

Some of my extra points

1—Meditate and imagine that your future goals have already been met or are on their way to being met, or that the things that needed to change are changing.

2 – Avoid being around negative people.You will see the entire world is depressed; people always talk about negative things. They always see negativity in people. You are living with those people while also growing apart from them; your mind is unconsciously adopting habits from them.

3: Think positively most of the time.

4: Tell your mind I can do it.

Every memory is stored in our brain in the form of neurons. What we have learned or done took the form of a neuron and was saved. They make contact through electrochemical impulses.

So when you are preparing for a competitive exam and your mind says you can’t do it, It is just the programming of your neurons from past bad memories or taking opinions from negative people. Take the content you see on social media seriously as well; it will either create or strengthen bad memories.

Positive thinking and gratitude will make new neurons in your brain, which release dopamine, and you’ll feel better and more confident. Bad memories cause neurons to release serotonin, which causes depression and tension.

These things need to be repeated if you want to transfer them into your unconscious mind, and after that, all the processes will automatically happen or will be a part of your life.

So repeat these thoughts in your conscious mind. I want to study. I want to break this habit. I want to work. like Dr. Joe Dispenza, but you have to be consistent and patient like him.

Negativity has filled our subconscious mind, and it puts an unknown pressure on our unconscious mind. Then the neuron releases serotonin, and we feel depressed.

A European Psychologist has healed a critical disease patient simply by saying, “I am healing.”Until the words enter his unconscious mind, and then it releases the enzymes to defeat the disease.

Repetition of positive thoughts slowly enters your unconscious mind, and you will change slowly.

Praise yourself when you work just a little on your goal. If one day you didn’t work, Don’t allow your mind to rule over you by humiliating yourself. Praise yourself for your efforts from yesterday and say, “I have changed myself from (the situation you began to now) there to here.”I am changing myself.

All thoughts, positive or negative, come from your mind; therefore, watch them carefully. when you’re studying and your mind tells you to stop.Determine where the thought is coming from and who is attempting to distract you.

The mind will tell you that you cannot do something.Don’t listen to him while doing your work.It is just its programming, and you can change this by following the above suggestions.

“Don’t allow your mind to rule over you”

Children never said, “I can’t do this,” because they weren’t told by anyone or even themselves that they couldn’t do it.

So if you want to do something, say, “Asan Hai!”



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