“Meme” as a medium of communication

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Chaand taare tod laun
Saari duniya par mai chaaun
Bas itna sa khwaab hai…!

Testing with limits

Long ago, when communication was in testing mode and then a new breed, there were several limits to texting. There was a word limit, different chaos, and a time limit.

Then came WhatsApp.

It was the pinnacle of the digital age. The advancement of communication took place to a large extent. WhatsApp makes chatting easy and secure. It also resulted in the addition of more appealing features over time.

The inbetweeners

Google, Yahoo, Mozilla Firefox, etc. lit up the cake. Yes, they were the icing on the cake as well as a boon to humanity. The work and data storage became easier.

Next, social media is gradually becoming a reflection of the world.It can save ample time.

Now, enter the MEMES.

Dekh raha hai na Binod?

Memes just show that people are engaged about something. A meme is little inside joke for a group of people that care about a certain thing

~Anthony Fantano

Meme history

Memes didn’t start with the internet. Some linguists argue that humans have used memes to communicate for centuries. Memes are widely known as conduits for cultural conversations and an opportunity to participate in internet trends. Internet memes grew as a concept in the mid-1990s. At the time, memes were just short clips that were shared between people in Usenet forums. As the Internet evolved, so did memes.

Why talk about MEMES?

Memes are not only a part of entertainment but have a wide application in marketing, politics, promotion, etc. They play an important role in making everything fun in order to relieve stress and work load.Don’t you remember any memes? Here is what went viral recently:

Choti Bachchi ho kya?

Different kind of MEMES

Me kyun volume kam karke videos dekhun, me toh papa hun

1. The Classics
2. The Trenders
3. The One-Hit Wonder
4. The Social Media
5. The Series
6. The Niche
7. The Obscurity
8. The Slapstick Humour
9. The Comics
10. The Nonsensical
11. The Fanbase
12. The Wholesome
13. The Puntastic
14. The Education
15. The Locality

Digitalisation and Communication through MEMES

Make memes not War
~Mark Twain

Brand’s nailed it

Memes are cheap to create. They are powerful brand marketing mediums. They also demonstrate the company’s human side.They are creating instant feedback as well. The major part is the tendency to entertain people and attract them.

Positive Side

Talking more about mental health is always positive, and memes are an interesting way to have conversations about different mental health experiences.
~Connie S., Clinical Social Worker, Los Angeles

Cultural information exchange.

Source of collective coping.

Different perspective of a stressful event.

New form of communication medium.

Humourous interpretation to reduce stress.

Mood improvement.

Share ability.

Negative Side

Ab underground hone ka samay aa gya hai

Lot of research required.

They can become irrelevant quickly.

Unwanted negativity.

Destruction of thinking.

Loss of self respect.

Conclusion: Overall, memes can be helpful as well as destructive if they are not used wisely. If memes are used correctly, communication is always close to the heart.

To say and end the views, I vote with my soul;

Bolo Zubaan Kesari


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